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Re: Cupholders & Americans

WRT the cupholder debate. I don't see the point of them being such a big deal. I'm
in Arizona, where we drink everything cold, even coffee. All of which, if it wants a
ride in the 5kt, comes along in closeable bottles. These can be dropped on the floor
with no problem. Once this policy led to passengers (note word choice there!)
switching from beer to whiskey on a late weekend jaunt...

Oh, and a friend of mine has devised the ultimate anti-tailgater gesture. Use only
with open sunroof on smooth straight highway, with knees available for auxiliary
steering input. Technique invented in Honda CRX Si, perfected in the meanest 2.0 16v
GTI I've ever seen:
Raise your hands (both) in a non-violent, non-confrontational manner, through the
open sunroof, while clearly seated in the driver's seat. Remain in said position
until close follower recedes into the mirrors.
Flame if you must. It was damned funny when I saw it...