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Re: Cupholders

In message <199907170122.VAA03822@guru.ai.net> Fringe Ryder writes:

> >> Cup-holders in traffic make perfect sense.  A co-worker is still commenting
> >> on seeing a gal change her BRA while driving this route last month though.
> >
> >Ah, 'Jerque of the Day', where were you?
> >
> >(I think the site is still up, though when I last visited it hadn't
> > been updated for a while.  Apropos of nothing at all - Channel 4
> > has started showing the Apollo 11 mission in pseudo real-time.)
> What site is this?  (I don't understand "Jerque of the Day" either.)

My memory is as old as me, and getting faulty.  The correct keywords
for an Altavista search are "Jerque du Jour" and "JDJ".

If you did around the site(s) far enough, you'll come to the piece where
he and a friend claim to have tested over 80 ovloVs on a dealer's lot
and found that the indicators _did_ work on all of them.

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