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Re: 200 tqa: Fire!

You are damn lucky, as the foam is very poisonous if it starts on fire!  In
a foam manufacturing plant, if a fire starts, everyone will evacuate right

Dave Puterbaugh
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From: Samir Shah <gofast1@home.com>
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Sent: Friday, July 16, 1999 6:28 PM
Subject: 200 tqa: Fire!

> This evening, with my wife driving and my baby in the back seat, the
> back seat caught fire as my wife pulled into our driveway, and then,
> with smoke surrounding the baby, the car died as she coasted to a halt!
> Its not as bad as it sounds. About 2 inches of the smaller wire that
> connects to the battery positive terminal completely burnt out, taking
> with it about 2 square inches of the seat bottom foam. I think this is
> the wire that goes to the instrument panel.
> Tomorrow morning, I'll be taking out the passenger seat to try and
> figure out how much wire got toasted, and will need to be replaced.
> In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions as to what appliance
> in the car shorted out that could cause this wire to burn out? Isn't
> everything fused?
> I've heard that the big radiator fan does die. I have the parts that
> Scott Mo. suggested to add a fusible link, which I will be installing
> tomorrow. How can I test that the fan is OK?
> Thanks for your help in advance. I really happy the car did not burn
> down, and the wife and baby are safe, and that it did died in my
> driveway, but what a PIA!
> Samir, 89 200 tqa.