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RE: TT & Rear Lid

On July 17th Peter Berrevoets spoke these words >>>>>>>

"Sounds like the London dealer should be avoided at all costs."
"It sounds like his dealer - in London... hmmmmm... - doesn't deserve his 

Actual Peter, we lived in T.O for nearly 25 years and I've dealt with 
Queensway, Pfaff and Oakville.

I bought two new Audi's from Ramsey at Queensway (incl. my '86 CGT), one 
from Pfaff and one from Oakville.
Pfaff after-sales service on warranty issues sucked badly on far too many 
Oakville tried to charge my wife $200.00 more for the installation of a new 
fuel pump, and $120.00 for towing costs from the Kerr St. ramp on the QEW 
to their shop - what's that two-three blocks?
Queensway mechanics scratched the hell out of my old S4 and refused to 
repair - we went to court proved our case and won.

On the other hand....
Dalmar gives me a very hefty discount on parts and labour and I have 
account privileges.  I have never had to take a car back for the 
same/related problem and always provide me a free loaner to bomb around 
town with.
Dalmar also ships my parts direct to me free (Tuesdays and Thursdays) which 
is their milk-run to area garages, so I don't have to drive the 3 hr return 
trip for parts.
Needed a new Repair Manual - their cost $85.60 sold it to me for $90.00 and 
not the $149.00 listed.
Dalmar also got my wife's used S6 and charged no commission - I paid the 
previous owner directly.
They also found my new acquisition (another '86 CGT) and charged me 
Dalmar got a call from a wreckers near Bayfield who wanted to know what a 
low-mileage 20V turbo was worth within 30 minutes I was on the road with my 
neighbors truck - bought the engine and tranny for under a grand.
One of their staff spotted a Euro-spec'd 6 speed tranny at another yard 
near Chatham while picking up a car - bought that for less than half a 
They had a new A4 arrive last fall that was damaged in transit (rear 
q-panel).  Fixed it and I bought the car for several thousand less than one 
out of the showroom.  In fact these guys have been so good to me, in June I 
ordered a new S4 in the imola (yellow) with the onyx leather.

So no I won't avoid these guys in fact other than Sprongl's in Georgetown, 
these are the only 2 shops I can honestly say
I highly recommend.  Sprongl for engine and tranny work and his fair prices 
(contrary to his driving skills - even his service isn't what I would call 
speedy) and Dalmar since they supply me with copious amounts of coffee from 
Tim's across the street.

Just because I have one minor incident doesn't mean someone should bash a 
Dealer without knowing the whole story - besides, I really didn't push the 
issue and quite frankly the current TT offering doesn't personally turn my 

As far as the rear lid is concerned I agree, it ain't their fault EKTA 
isn't available in Canada but, they actually bent over backwards to try to 
help - however, they too have limited information available and must rely 
on what Volkswagen in Toronto tells them.  So my beef isn't with the dealer 
its with Audi US.

How's that for a sales plug.

Don Muirhead
'99 A4
'96 S6
'86 CGT x 2