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Alignment - 200TQ - front end is off a tad.

Had the car in the alignment shop yesterday - found an excellent guy in the
Toronto area if anyone wants to know email me.

Set the rear alignment to -0.20 camber (preferred setting was -0.24) and toe
to +1/32 (the preferred setting).

Front end was problematic.  It looks as if there had been a collision with
the drivers side front wheel and a stationary object.  The shock had been
replaced, and there were indications of some sub frame adjusting.  The
steering rack was also discovered to be slightly offset towards the
passenger side.

Net result was that the caster on the left is at +0.96 (preferred is +1.00)
the right at +.084 (preferred again +1.00).  The Camber on the left is
at -0.84 (preferred -0.52) with the right at -0.56.  The toe could not be
properly set due to totally rusted tie rod ends. The current toe is left 0
(preferred +1/16) and the right -5/16 (preferred +3/32).

He also measure the front set-back - the amount that the distance between
wheel centres front to rear differs from left to right and discovered that
the drivers side is shorter by 1/32 indicating a rearward relocation of the
front suspension.

Even with these problems the drive feel of the car has improved
tremendously. Now I just have to figure out how I can fix my baby so the
set-up can be the 'preferred' all the way around.

If I loosen the sub frame bushings and lever the left side forward a touch,
will this correct the problem, or am I opening a nasty can of worms?

BTW the mechanic has offered to redo the four wheel alignment when I replace
the tie rod ends at no charge! And this after he spent over two hours
checking, measuring and adjusting!


Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V