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4000 CS Quattro VIN

Hello fellow listers,

I'm looking into possibly purchasing a '85 4000 CS Quattro for very little 
that is in pretty poor shape asthetically. Under the hood looks better than 
my 86.5 CGT. I'm thinking about either taking it as either a project car or 
using it as a parts car. My concern is the VIN (if I should be concerned). 
Under the hood VIN, at the 4th digit is a "Z" as in zebra. Through my 
research, a "Z" is not possible for that digit position. So I look a some 
Audi doc's in the glove box and the number is different, the 4th digit is an 
"F." Well that can't be either because that tells me that it is something 
other than a 4000 CS Quattro model. Can anyone shed some light on this? 
Should I be concerned?

By the way, Thanks to all of you that gave me info pertaining to my rear 
brake lights. I ended up purchasing two new bulb holders. They work fine now. 
The others had corrosion.

'86.5 CGT