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Re: ENRADD - is it a laser gun?

you may have just expierenced the ENRADD's iniation.  the reason that any 
radar/laser gun is used as a way to regulate speeding is because people who
get 92 dollar tickets don't fight it.  so the ENRADD goes untested in court
and becomes a new device allowed in that particular county/state. (any
lawyers out there).

i remember reading a great article in car and driver about a lawyer in new
jersey who fought his ticket, won, and made the Geico laser gun worth nil in
his county.  he had to put up some sort of huge case because geico sent over
their techies and it wasn't pretty.  because we all know that laser guns
only measure change of distance over time.  from this speed is equated.

when the Geico guns came to CT a while back i was able snag one from my dad
the trooper and was able to clock the floor at 5mph.  maybe ENRADD is
something that really measures speed for once and will be more accurate.
hopefully it is radar.  i'll ask some troopers if they know of it.  probibly
not yet.  ct is slow to that kind of stuff.

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