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Re: Project 4ktq: engine removal prep...

> Spent the day on the 5kt parts car today.  Did a compression test on the
> motor, and the numbers are as follows:

> #1  110 psi
> #2  125 psi
> #3  117 psi
> #4  128 psi
> #5  116 psi

> The book of Roberts chapter 15 verse 30 states that a new motor should be
> between 116 to 159.5 psi with a wear limit of 94.3.  My question is,
> should I leave the bottom end alone as far as rings and pistons go?
> Comments?

Put a teaspoon of oil in the cylinders and see if the readings
change significantly.  If they go up a lot, your rings are bad.
If they stay pretty much the same, it's likely the valves.

BTW, my 86 5kcsq reads around 135.  An engine is in pretty sad
state if it's near the wear limit IMO, probably won't start very well
and may well fail emissions.