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Down Right Annoying Brakes and Warped Rotors

    I installed a new set of front rotors at Chris Miller's belt-a-thon a
short time ago.  4 months maybe more.  They are now warped as were the ones
they replaced.  Is this from hard driving and metallic pads?
    Also no matter what rubberish goo I use on the back of the brake pads up
front they still squeal.  I have tried three different brands of brake
squeal stop on the pad backings, and after a couple of hard drives they
start squealling again.  They are not running thin, and look fine.  They are
very metallic looking, many specks of metal visible in the pad.  Don't make
a lot of brake dust at all, and haven't been replaced since I bought the
car, 3 years by now!  Should I get softer organic pads and junk the metallic
ones?  The squealling is getting obnoxious, even at high speeds they squeak,
usually just stopping at low speeds is when I used to get squeaks.  What
should I do?  Pedal feel is so nice with this setup and fresh pentosin from
two weeks ago though.

Thanks again!

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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