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4000 Quattro Radiator...

Ok, a tip for folks:

When pulling a radiator, do NOT try to *wiggle* the evaporation hose from 
the top of a plastic radiator, especially if your hose is 13 years old and 
hard as a rock, because you'll break off the little plastic vent and lodge 
it inside the hose.

	The above happened to me while I was at Huw's last night, and pissed would 
not have been the word for it.  We figured that the radiator had been 
replaced sometime in the past, because it was so new looking AND it 
differed from the OEM.

	Does anyone know of a good place (besides 2bennet's $800 model) that has a 
radiator that would give equiv or better, cooling?
Huw suggested getting a "modine" from any hardware store, but the pickings 
are few around here and I wouldn't mind some options, due to stock 
limitations, et cetera.

	We were in the middle of removing the radiator, flushing the system, 
replacing the thermostat and doing the heater core.  I'll be doing a piddly 
write-up on it sometime soon, but remember this, above all else:

	To do the core, get yourself a dwarf wearing latex gloves.  Huw and I both 
have relatively large hands, and to reach in to pull those heater core 
hoses off of the back of the block was murder.  We needed hands half the 
size to get this done, which took us many many hard hours in 95 degree 
heat, with bugs eating us alive.