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Re: help? - stereo conversion

In a message dated 07/19/99 12:00:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
johnc@together.net writes:
> Subj:	 help? - stereo conversion
>  Date:	07/19/99 12:00:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time
>  From:	johnc@together.net (John Cunningham)
>  Sender:	owner-quattro@audifans.com
>  To:	audi-20v@emailsol.com (List), quattro@audifans.com (The Quattro List)
>  trying to mind-meld an old Alpine head I had lying around with the stock
>  speaker setup in the CQ.
>  most everything is cool, front speakers work, bogus radio reception
>  stayed inside the Weisbaden, yay.
>  Problem:  amplified back speakers.
>  have the pre-amp outs from the Alpine wired to the inputs for the rear
>  setup but no sound.  i suspect there is some power feed i have to send
>  back there in order to turn them on when the head comes on, but can't
>  figure out which wires it is.  maybe i should just start sending 12v
>  down random wires and see what happens?  ;^)  Bentley wiring diagram
>  isn't really helpful enough for my simple mind, mentions the auto check
>  system but not exactly whether it might be affecting my problem.
>  anybody BTDT?  don't want to send amp'd signals to the rear and don't
>  want to ditch the amp/speaker combo (and yeah i know it's nothing
>  exciting, but it's whats in the budget)
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There is usually a blue wire coming out of the back of the head unit... it's 
called the remote turn-on.  Some amps also have a input called the ignition 
turn-on.  The ampllifier has to see +12 volts in order to operate.  (I would 
check the amp fuse also).

If you go to multiple amps, I would use a relay for the remote turn-on, along 
with a single point ground for your system.  I had a pretty bad problem with 
ground loops when I installed the first system in my car.

Hope this helps...