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RE: RE: A arm bushes

Hi Scott

Thanks for the comment, I have checked the pt no 857 407 181 and it is the same for coupe front A arms as it is on my quattro for both front and rear. Well that's what the XXXX program say's anyway. Open to any other comments please.



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		In a message dated 7/19/99, 5:33:01 AM, iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se writes:
		<<I was hoping you might be able shed a little more light on your excellent 
		page on installing wishbone or A arm bushes. I am about to do this on my 
		Coupe Q (non turbo) so I have got 4 arms to do. I don't quite get the 
		significance of putting the shorter piece of plastic tube into arm. Does the 
		pipe with bush located in it get pushed in inside this? I only have a large 
		bench vice do you think this will work instead of the press? Any other advice 
		you can offer would be appreciated.>>

		Your bushings are probably different that Huw's
		So his procedure won't work..