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for sale 87 5cyl coupe

If anyone out there is interested, a little car lot across town has a white 
87 coupe for sell.  I do not have all the particulars, but what I know is as 
white 87 coupe
5 cylinder
clean car (interior perfect except for where leather meets window/pooped out 
from seal, tried to and can be pushed back into seal and will stay)
40k on dash/mechanic says it is closer to 50k
auto not Quattro (disappointing)
leather is perfect except for where left bolster has surface scratches 
(getting in and out)
electronic dash
premier am/fm/cd receiver
the car is white w/ white rims (12 spoke if I remember right (factory rims))
The car drove great and is an extremely clean car, if I did not have 10 
months left on this last degree and not totally happy with the ole A4, I 
would probably buy it for fun.  The only two things I could find wrong was 
one of the CV joints is starting to go (not to bad yet), and it looks as if 
the owner brushed up against something on the front fender (small dent and it 
looks easily repaired if not just pushed out, but surface rust has started to 
The number for the place is 334/749-5850.  I spoke w/ Kevin Keiser about it 
and he seemed nice and helpful.  Oh by the way, the car had great 
acceleration and was extremely quite although the oxygen sensor dummy light 
was on.
Feel free to investigate on your own, I am not endorsing the car. I am just 
putting our my observations on the car.


oh if anyone wants me to take for another test drive to check for anyting 
else, just ask, it was fun to drive once and I would not mind doing it again.