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84 Audi 5000S Turbo For Sale

Due to time constraints I have decided to sell my 84 5000S Turbo FWD.  
I have been letting my daughter drive the Audi for the past year to High
 School.  I purchased the car for $2400.00 a year ago plus the items below.
I am asking the following prices since there is now a dent in the trunk and 
the passenger door courtesy of my daughter.  I plan to take a digital picture
tomorrow, so any one that wants to see it can E-mail me and I will forward
a picture.  I will probably put it in the Auto Trader next week.

Audi $1500.00 with no sound system
$1750.00 with new Pioneer CD/Radio 
$2000.00 with new Pioneer trunk CD changer
	92,000 miles
	New Borbett 5 lug wheels
	Comp T/A Radials
	Rebuilt steering rack
	New front door handles (rear handles freshly packed in grease!)
	New trans cooler
	New P/S hoses
	New fuel injectors
	New battery
	All fluids & filters regularly changed
	New master cylinder
	New hydraulic strainer
	New ignition
	New radiator, thermal switch, T-stat, & hoses
 Things it will need in the future...
	CV joint making noise
	Small exhaust leaks (looks like the muffler only)
	No air conditioning (it was removed)
	According to your test, the Bomb
Rene Curry
Grosse Ile, Michigan,USA
Email: rene@sineco.com
Email: curry@ili.net