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RE: 2000 S4 BT Driving Impressions (TT reference)

>Hmmm... the TTQ for arguments sake is 2700 pounds and makes 225 hp from a
>1.8 liter motor. that's about 12 pounds/hp with a motor that makes 125 hp
>per liter. Impressive!
>The S4 on the other hand is - lets say 3400 pounds- makes 250 hp (US) or
>about 13.6 pounds per hp. Call that about 92.6 hp per liter. for the sake of
>comparison, the US AAN make around 100 hp/liter

Stopped by Carlsen in Palo Alto and picked up the brochure on the neu S4.
Spec sheet missing a few things:
- weight
- max turbo boost (tuning potential)
- capacities- fuel, oil (6 qts like Ur S4?)
and prolly a few more I haven't noticed yet.

Are there 2 boost guages?

Do we (the list) have factual- as opposed to speculative- info on these
missing specs?  How different is this car going to be from the A4 (other than
the obvious- 2 extra cylinders.)

I like the color options better than TT.  I think the Nogaro blue (RS2)
and silver interior would be nice.  I've kindof concluded that the TT is
not for me... too small to haul ski/ windsurf/ bikes/ Home Depot etc..
My coupe quattro rarely goes a week without such duty.
Now that there are some real TT owners on the list, what is the practical
experience for daily driving?

BTW, they predicted Sept./Oct. delivery based on current waiting list.
No, I didn't order one, but if the stock market keeps going up....

Matt Rooke