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May Purchase '91 Audi 100Q

Considering buying a Audi 100 Quattro to provide a reliable cold-country
(far northern New York State) car for this next year.  I have a lead on a
1991  available locally for about $3000  Vehicle has 199,000+ miles, has
been well maintained (recent brakes, new power steering unit & hydraulics,
etc.).  Car was an executive vehicle in Wisconsin through about 1996-97, and
more recently has been a housewife's car in Indiana.

Any suggestions one can make to a potential new Audi owner would be very
much appreciated.  I have many years experience with VW's (62 bug in the
'60's through current family fleet of diesel Jettas).

The '91 100 Quattro looks pretty good (some parking lot dings in original
silver paint, some small rust spots at seams - Wisconsin salt?).  All
options appear to work except installed phone is not activated.  Car started
after about 2 - 3 seconds of cranking - but unevenly at first; it drives
well although it did seem to have some hesitation around 2500 - 3000 rpm -
it acted like my old '73 VW bug with antipolution inhibitors on it (I expect
my '85 turbo diesel Jetta is a faster accelerator than the 100Q seemed to
be!).  Once in traffic I had a "brake" light apear on the dash, but it
quickly went out.  Handling was solid, wheels aligned, brakes firm, no
rattles, etc.  Oil dipstick indicated need for a change and down about 1/2
quart; no drips seen.

The very reliable local mechanic (whom I know) who works on the vehicle will
be available to answer any questions I may have.  Any suggestions about what
I should be asking?

Any issues I should be aware of as a potential '91 Audi 100Q owner?  Could I
consider this to be a reliable car to start in very cold weather - say to 20
below?  Is the high mileage a potential problem?

Thanks!  -  John D.

John F. Dalphin
[As of July 28, 1999 I will be at SUNY Potsdam as Chair of the CS Dept.
 Please send new mail to my account there:  dalphijf@potsdam.edu]