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Re: for sale 87 5cyl coupe

Why would it have CV joints in the rear?  It is not a Quattro.  Am I missing


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>From: Michael Zamikhovsky <MikeZ755@sprintmail.com>
>To: Art4@aol.com
>Cc: Quattro@audifans.com
>Subject: Re: for sale 87 5cyl coupe
>Date: Mon, Jul 19, 1999, 09:06

> Art4@aol.com wrote:
>> If anyone out there is interested, a little car lot across town has a white
>> 87 coupe for sell.  I do not have all the particulars, but what I know is as
>> follows:
>> white 87 coupe
>> 5 cylinder
>> clean car (interior perfect except for where leather meets window/pooped out
>> from seal, tried to and can be pushed back into seal and will stay)
>> 40k on dash/mechanic says it is closer to 50k
>> auto not Quattro (disappointing)
>> leather is perfect except for where left bolster has surface scratches
>> (getting in and out)
>> electronic dash
>> sunroof
>> premier am/fm/cd receiver
>> the car is white w/ white rims (12 spoke if I remember right (factory rims))
>> The car drove great and is an extremely clean car, if I did not have 10
>> months left on this last degree and not totally happy with the ole A4, I
>> would probably buy it for fun.  The only two things I could find wrong was
>> one of the CV joints is starting to go (not to bad yet), and it looks as if
>> the owner brushed up against something on the front fender (small dent and it
>> looks easily repaired if not just pushed out, but surface rust has started to
>> form).
>> The number for the place is 334/749-5850.  I spoke w/ Kevin Keiser about it
>> and he seemed nice and helpful.  Oh by the way, the car had great
>> acceleration and was extremely quite although the oxygen sensor dummy light
>> was on.
>> Feel free to investigate on your own, I am not endorsing the car. I am just
>> putting our my observations on the car.
>> Art
>> oh if anyone wants me to take for another test drive to check for anyting
>> else, just ask, it was fun to drive once and I would not mind doing it again.
> Beware that on 87 Coupes with disk breaks in rear it is impossible to get a
> separate CV joint. One must purchase whole axle from Audi for $650.00 . Lobro
> doesn't sell them at all. Not axles, not even separate joints. The only
> alternative is scrap yard. It is also the best laternative. The best thing is
> to leave damaged boot on for too long so that old joints last longer.
> Mike Z