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Re: The answer (Was: Is an Ur-q I5 an interference engine?)

In message <ef4b5443.24c4a7e5@aol.com> JJK1204@aol.com writes:

> > As I've got to replace all those bits I may as well go the whole mile and
> > rebuild the bottom end too but I'm not going to try and estimate the costs
> > there....
> Although the Audi I5 bottom end is almost bullet proof, with the engine going
> at that speed I think your talking an armor piercing round. I would check the
> rods for bending and the crank for cracks.

This is building up to some nasty numbers.

I have a whole engine in my garage, complete with a rebuilt head and
new shells about to be fitted.  GBP1000 and I'll even help Jim fit it.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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