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Re: oil filter

035 115 561 filter, if I recall correctly, fits my MB Urquattro (and many
other turbo Audis).  Made by Knecht in Austria.  They make many of the
original filters, usually their name is not on the filter, but their little
square logo is.  If your filter is made in austria, it is likely Knecht.
Another household name for the list...

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
approx. 1000 original VW/Audi filters in inventory...

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>In a message dated 7/17/99 you wrote:
><< If you have a turbo there is only one filter to use - OEM Bosch.
>If you care about your car there is only one filter to use - OEM Bosch.
>If you want to rebuild your engine and need an excuse - don't use the OEM
>Bosch. >>
>I don't believe that Audi O.E. filters (VW p/n ending with 561) are Bosch.
>I'm almost certain they are either Mahle or Mann. All so called "O.E."
>filters you get from the likes of The Parts Connection et all are Mahle or
>Mann. I have purchased one aftermarket Bosch and it looked nothing like an
>O.E. one from an Audi dealer, the Mann does. Not to say Bosch filters are
>bad, nor are Frams et all any good... Simply that your advice is misleading
>and incorrect. Just a clarification for the archives...
>Mike Veglia
>87 5kcstq