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re How to change 1989 90Q air filter?

"mstocker" <mstocker@neo.rr.com> asked:

Is there any trick to changing 1989 90Q air filters.

If I remove the two plastic pieces behind right headlight
and pop the latches to the air box, I can not seem to get
enough clearance to remove/install air filter.
I do the following:  Disconnect cable to cold start injector on intake
manifold.  Disconnect grounds on intake manifold.  Disconnect clamps on
"octopus" hose between throttle body and metering head (you may also have to
disconnect other things from this hose when you lift the metering head;
replacing the crankcase ventilation hose underneath may be the most annoying
feature of reassembly).  I recall you need to remove the octopus hose, but
have forgotten.  

Disconnect spring clamps on air box.  (Note that rear shroud behind rh
headlight assy. has to be removed to get the front one.)  BTW, you need a
hook tool for this.  I use one designed for headlight springs on '60s cars,
but other approaches should work. There may be other steps I've forgotten

Basically, I lift the metering head up, trying to clear the fender and front
sheet metal, and retain it with a magilla screwdriver under it from fender
to intake manifold. Then the air filter can be weaseled out and the
replacement inserted.  While the lower box is accessible, vacuum out the
dirt.  Check that the air intake thermo valve is functioning.  Reverse
procedure for reassembly.  Note that the grounds on the intake manifold are

Kirby A. Smith   New Hampshire USA
1988 90q Titanium gray, 180 kmi
1988 90q Stone gray, 185 kmi 
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