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Erratic dash lighting on 1990 200

On Friday, I was driving home in my 1990 Audi 200T with the a/c on. I
turned on my headlights and noticed that both turn signal indicators on
my dashboard were illuminated. The high beam indicator was lit up as
well.  I went to turn off the high beams, but they weren't on.  I turned
on the high beams and the high beam dash light went out.  High beams off
- dash indicator on, high beams on - dash indicator off.  I pulled over,
turned off the car, shut off the lights, re-started the car, turned on
the lights, and all three dash indicators came on again (both turn
signals and high beam).  

On Saturday, everything worked fine.  Does anyone have any guesses what
would cause this erratic behavior in my dash lights?



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