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Re: The answer (Was: Is an Ur-q I5 an interference engine?)

quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) quoted:
> In message <000801bed168$23e70820$b756883e@default> "Jim Haseltine" writes:
> > When I pulled the head I found that all five of the pistons have hit the
> > valves. Each one of the pistons has two crescent-shaped depressions in the
> > crown, rather amazing really because each piston appears to have identical
> > damage - to the extent that it looks as if each one has been machined.
> > Most (if not all) of the valves are bent and in a couple of places there is
> > very slight damage to the head. The valves are bent so that they wont seat
> > and I figure that I wont be able to compress the springs to strip the head.
> Heh.  Want to borrow a Sealey valve spring compressor?

Be careful if you're considering cutting those valves off to get them 
out, if they are sodium filled, it would not be recommended.  You 
probably already know that, but I thought I'd throw the thought out 

> Check those timing belts, folks.

I thought this happened from shearing the crank key?  Did the 
crank key shear because the cam stopped and the pistons didn't, 
due to the timing belt breaking?