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Re: Parting out 100 / 200.....DAD's content

Well, getting no response from listers on any parting outs of an Audi 100 or
200 with a black interior....I needed door panels and wood paneling, I
decided to call DAD's Auto Recycling.

I talked to a guy there named Erin, and he was extremely nice and helpful.
He said they had several complete black interiors in stock and would
guaruntee thier condition.  They are, however, NOT CHEAP!  They charged me
$100 PER panel!  And, $175 for the dash wood.  But, if it is in perfect
condition like they say, I don't care.  I just need this stuff before I
leave for Monterey.  And, I'm going to be in Alaska for two weeks, so that
doesn't leave much time.

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I did talk to someone who was
helpfull there.  I'll report back when I recieve the parts and let you know
how they turned out.  I have ordered parts from Shakan before, who made
similar claims, and sent me a bunch of junk I wouldn't GIVE AWAY!  Should
have gone in the crusher.

Wish me better luck with DAD's.