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'88 80 Quattro Oil Leak & dead A/C

I have an '88 80 Quattro with only 50K, maintained by the book++ & oil
changes q<5k -- I really like it but ...... my current problems include 

1) small oil leak x months (<1qt/5K) but it smells pretty bad -- I guess bc
oil hits exhaust system & burns up right underneath me -- 2 'repairs' by
local Audi dealer cost alot & did not fix it -- the last gasket cost $100+
& had to be overnite delivered (to the biggest Audi parts retailer in the
area)  -- should I believe this? I really believe they did not get to my
car til late so held it til next day -- I really don't want to deal with
them again tho they claim to want to 'make good' -- their last re-repair
cost me an additional $200+ & 2 days without a car -- Carless in Houston is
not fun or easy & they seem to think its fine to keep it for a while.

2) A/C died 7/15 -- seemed OK/cold 7/14 -- this is serious in Houston --
with the previous leak (repaired 10/98 @$1100. for new evaporator &
involving fiasco with the only other local Audi dealer) the chill faded
more slowly while freon was leaking/evaporating -- actually its retrofitted
with some standard non-freon thing -- all a/c related fuses seem OK & fan
runs but compressor may not be running -- maybe it won't run when Freon is

I have an appt with local mechanic on Wed who works on old Audi's & VW's
but based on my experiences with Audi repairs -- I'm pretty leery -- Any
suggestions for what I should & should not believe wrt oil leaks & a/c
 I'm sure they are going to say I need a new compressor for around $1500.
but I also suspect that there are a lot of gaskets & joints that are
probably more likely to be leaking freon than the compressor.

Also it sounds sort of like lawn mower when it runs -- dealer 1 said it
sounded perfect & did not need a tune up -- dealer 2 tuned it up for $400+
made it sound like racing lawn mower that idled hi & used more gas -- its
settled down to slow lawn mower sound again
Also do tires really not need to be rotated any more?  -- I've asked to
have tires (3yo & 10-15K) rotated & balanced but am told they don't need it
-- tho I get vibration at 60+MPH 

Thanks in advance.

Cory B