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Code "2232"?

    I put a new ECU in and there were no codes for a couple days.  Then the
car started running slightly goofy again.  Now I am getting a "2232" code.
I looked at the list I have from the 20V pages and it says that is an Air
Mass sensor problem.  I do not have an Air Mass sensor, I have an air flow
meter, a potentiometer of sorts I guess.  What does a "2232" code mean for
an 80 4 cylinder?  Is it an air flow meter code?  I have been getting
different codes left and right.

1. First with my old ECU I got a lean mixture code "2343" .  So I had the
mixture richened.
2. Then I got a code for emissions out of spec. oxygen sensor fault "2342".
3. Changed ECU to other unit and now getting code "2232" but have no idea
what it means.

Thanks again again!!

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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