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19874000csq in England

  Hello, I am a USAF member and Audi fan in England.  Not a bad place to be 
even if Audi is pulling out of the BTCC.  I have a U.S. spec 4000csq, 1987 
that is in new of a new exhaust and suspension.  The 1987 model in europe 
was the Aero style 90, similar to the 1988 model in the states.  This has 
caused mass confusion when trying to get these parts.  The only benefit I 
have found is that Catalytic converters are not mandatory for cars made 
before 1992.  I belive the 1986 90 quattro should be the european car which 
has the same mechanicals as my car.  I am looking for some help finding a 
set of struts, preferably adjustable and springs for this car either from a 
U.S. supplier willing to ship to an APO or a British supplier.  I think Koni 
and Spax may have a kit for this car but I have not been able to verify what 
model# is correct. I am also looking for a performance exhaust and would 
like to know if I will benefit by removing the cat.  If I do should I keep 
the O2 sensor or not? Any suggestions for these problems would be greatly 
appreciated as well as suggestions as what else to replace when doing the 
suspension change. I have changed the front lower A arm bushings already.
  Tx.  Max Dombroski, 87400csq in U.K.

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