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Re: Code "2232"?

In a message dated 7/19/99 8:44:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Audi_80@msn.com 

<<   I put a new ECU in and there were no codes for a couple days.  Then the
 car started running slightly goofy again.  Now I am getting a "2232" code.
 I looked at the list I have from the 20V pages and it says that is an Air
 Mass sensor problem.  I do not have an Air Mass sensor, I have an air flow
 meter, a potentiometer of sorts I guess.  What does a "2232" code mean for
 an 80 4 cylinder?  Is it an air flow meter code?  I have been getting
 different codes left and right.
 1. First with my old ECU I got a lean mixture code "2343" .  So I had the
 mixture richened.

2343 - Mixture Control Lean Limit Exceeded. Adjust mixture

 2. Then I got a code for emissions out of spec. oxygen sensor fault "2342".

2342 - Oxygen Sensor does not control - defective oxygen sensor.

 3. Changed ECU to other unit and now getting code "2232" but have no idea
 what it means.

2232 - Potentiometer on airflow sensor - disconnected wire or short between 
control unit and potentiometer.

 Thanks again again!! >>