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Front wheel bearings' signs of going south??

Hi All,

Soon after showing off my 5kcst's new found braking power to my
brother during the weekend, the front end of my Audi developed a very loud
'wo wo wo wo' noise whenever it reachs 45mph or higher. Btw, the noise's
tone will changed to a higher and louder wo wo wo wo as the speed 
increased to 80mph.

I think the noise has already existed for sometime already, it just wasn't
as loud back then.

So, I did a lot of tests this afteroon.... including switched tires to
different conner and performed the wheel bearing test. However, the noise
is still there regardless how I switch the tires around(I even put my snow
tires on it). And, I found no play for both front wheels during the wheel
bearing test. 

My question: Can the wheel bearing be failed even I found no play during
the wheel bearing test? 

Or just something else that causes the noise??  Flat-spot-uneven wear
tires? How about the worn out a-arm bushings? I noticed the a-arm bushings
on my Audi are in really bad shape. Please help me guys.....         


Albert Ng
'87 5kcst