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Re: The answer (Was: Is an Ur-q I5 an interference engine?)

> Should have read 'and the crank bolts too'.
> We all know about Monkeylads over-tightening nuts with their air wrenches -
> well, these guys didn't go far enough. 2 years and a different owner later
> the crank bolt had worked its way down to finger tight.
> Loose crank bolt = loose pulley = damaged key
> leading to open-wallet surgery.....
> Jim Haseltine

I decided to change the belt on my '86 4kq last year, not because it
looked bad, but because I could find no reciept for it having been done
even though the PO was the original owner and had a _fat_ file of repair
orders after 140k miles. Anyway, I put the harmonic balancer lock on,
got my 1" drive socket and breaker bar on there with another 2 feet of
cheater bar. Went to remove it and the weight of my left hand combined
with the weight of the breaker bar was enough to loosen it. I was
surprised. Seems to be an important inspection point for a used I5