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Re: Just go weigh the car

You also can get the same vehicle weighing service from agricultural
products stores (where they sell feed grains in bulk by the truckload),
cement or other aggregate mixing stations and some trash collection
centers.  It's best to check in advance for when they're least busy to
accommodate a car or trailer, etc.  

Kneale Brownson

At 09:01 PM 7/19/99 -0500, Colin Hames wrote:
>	This maybe common knowledge, but since everyone talks so much about
>weight, I will go ahead anyway.  If anyone is curious about the weight
>of their Audi ( or any car ) just stop by any truck stop and drive on
>one of the scales.   The scales are all over the midwest, and it only
>cost me 7 bucks at a 'CAT' certified scale.  No big deal and it is kind
>of interesting to know.  The button to signal the clerk was at 18
>wheeler height, so I got out of the car to reach it.  Not even weird
>looks from the truckers.
>'86 5TQ Wagon -  one passenger, full tank, loaded with rack and bikes,
>camping gear, tool box ( never know ), you name it - 3867 lbs.  That was
>500 lbs under the GVWR according to the chart.
>Next time I'll try an empty weight.
>See ya,
>Colin Hames
>'86 5TQW
>'98 Passat 1.8t