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Electrical Gremlin

Started on Saturday on '86 CGT.

Right turn-signal works fine depress brake - flasher goes like snit - take 
brake off back to normal.  Figure bulb burnt out or loose wire/ground. 
 Next right-turn - everything is back to normal - must be loose wire 
Get home check bulbs, connections and circuits - everything is ok.

Sunday - everything works right then out-of-the-blue it starts again.  Get 
home grab circuit tester drive down rough road can't duplicate it.  Sunday 
night - go into town - starts again.

Monday - go to office for a couple of hours everything is ok.  Drive out of 
parking garage - first right turn - starts again.  I jump out of the car 
check the lights, and circuits everything is ok.  Get back into car and it 
works fine.

Since I'm old - what am I missing?  This has never happened before and I 
haven't changed a thing in over a year.
Rear lights (bulb holders) are grounded separately.  Replaced turn-signal 
relay, all bulbs and right rear bulb holder on Sunday.

This morning I try again - can't duplicate it.

Btw - the token "make only left-hand turns" one-liners not welcome.

'99 A4
'96 S6
'86 CGT x 2