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Bosch Plat+4 Prong Plugs


Check  - the caps should screw off, albiet with some difficulty.  I 
had to hold the plugs with a wrench and use pliers to unscrew the 
caps.  They were more difficult to unscrew than other plugs I've used 
(perhaps tighter tolerance - good except you don't use the caps).

Most plugs I've gotten in the past did not have the caps already 
installed, but gave them loose in the box.  

I can't say whether or not these plugs make a big difference.  
Certainly not performance wise, maybe longevity wise.  I guess we'll 
see in 40Kmiles or so.


Ben Swann
'85 4ksq
'86 5kcstq (rebuilding)
'87 5kcstq Wagon (used real long hose clamps to strap the intercooler 
- and backed off the boost a bit)