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Re: Heating Core for a 87' 5kcstqw !!!!!!!!


You can keep the the core by-passed for as long as you don't need
heat--although the car my run slightly warmer than usual.

You can get a new core from many places.  I got one a few months back from
Mark at Adirondack for $40.00 US.  http://www.germanautoparts.com/
518-882-6534.  Highly recomended.


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Subject: Heating Core for a 87' 5kcstqw !!!!!!!!

> I am looking for a Heating Core.  If any of you guys have information or
> have one please e-mail directly.  And also how would this replacement be
> done. Right know I have it bypassed about how long can it remain like
> I figured until the heater would be needed is this correct.   Thanks in
> advance.
> John
> 87' 5kcstqw
> 96' Passat GLS