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Re: typ44TQ brake question

JordanVw@aol.com wrote:
> also, another quick question -   the little electric waterpump on top of the
> ABS unit - is that supposed to run while the car is running - or after you
> shut the car off?  i dont think ive ever heard it run.

It probably doesn't work anymore; they like to be replaced every few
years. The design is that the auxillary water pump is run after the engine
is shut off, if the two-wire thermoswitch on the upper coolant flange is
closed because of high heat. The 1st stage radiator fan comes on at the
same time as the pump.

You can get a new pump for around $120 at best, but it too will likely
stop working or break and spew coolant in a few years. Recently listers
have taken to using a Shogun brand electric coolant pump instead; you'll
find it in the archives under "Shogun."

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 155k