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Re: offset of '79 5k alloys

I have installed several sets of these early 5K wheels for use with snow
tires on 4KQ's and the 80/90Q cars as well. Perfect fit. You can use either
alloy or steel per your preference.

Bryan Doughty
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From: Bryan Nielsen <audubon@voyager.net>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 1999 7:40 AM
Subject: offset of '79 5k alloys

> I would like to know the offset of alloy wheels from a '79 5000.  They are
> the typical wheels I see on the early body style 5000's.  I have an '86
> and would like to know if the offset will work with this.  The bolt
> is the same 4 x 108mm.
> thanks,
> Bryan Nielsen
> '86 4kq
> '87 4k parts car
> '75 Volvo 164E