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slick trick!

>For those without a pressure bleeder (and some who do) there is a simple
>trick which sometimes works when nothing else will.
>The brakes and clutch share a common reservoir (although segmented). Because
>of this you can simply run a hose from the front brake caliper bleeder to
>the slave cylinder bleeder, open both and pump the brake pedal. This forces
>fluid out of the caliper through the slave cylinder and back into the
>reservoir. If you pump long enough you can recirculate all the fluid (don't
>now why one would). No issues of filling the reservoir until you are done
>either. Start with fresh DOT 4 in the reservoir and pump some through the
>caliper or you will put some (probably) dirty fluid into the clutch.
>Bryan Doughty

Now THAT is clever!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman