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Re: Attack of the giant woodpeckers

Sounds like mine did (the great, long squeal anyway) just before the
compressor froze up and the belt started to fry.  A sharp knife took care
of that one in "a flash".   

If you set the "desired" temperature above the level of the outside temp,
"auto" doesn't employ the A/C.  I run my system on "econ" and use the
windows and sunroof just like I did all my nearly 50 years of driving
before I got a car with a functional A/C (short-lived as it was).  AS long
as the heater works, I'm OK.

Kneale Brownson

At 12:49 PM 7/20/99 -0400, Kurt Wesseling wrote:
>Ok, here's the deal...hit the "auto" button on the CC controller and a noise
>comes from the compressor like a woodpecker or jack hammer.  Or, if you're
>one of those people you can trill an "r" with your tongue continuously,
>that's the sound it makes...much louder of course.
>So, knowing that the R-12 level is like, zero, I first try a 2 oz oil charge
>in the system. Result: No change---still get the jackhammer, woodpecker,
>whatever noise.
>Bright idea #2--put some freon in there.  Not a problem since it only costs
>$780,000 an oz.  Put in 24 ozs.  Result: jackhammering continues.
>Lamo-no-chance-it-will-help-but-I'll-try-it-anyway-idea #3--try driving the
>car to "mix up" that freon.  Result: return of giant woodpecker.  But don't
>quit now, dear reader, it gets worse.
>Get home.  Turn on a/c -- SQEEEEAAAAL--shudder--clunk.  Engines dies.  Too
>much drag from compressor.  That's where we are now.  I can use "econ" ok,
>but hit "auto" and the woodpecker kills the engine fast.
>This is the part where you all come in 8-].  How can I exterminate the
>woodpecker??  Do I need a entire new compressor, or just a clutch?  Any
>1989 200 TQ
>140,000 miles