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Ur-q Fuel System ?'s (help) Big Probs. again.

After I replaced the fuel pump two weeks ago the car ran better but still had 
quite a bad stumble when I got into the boost.  Last week the car was running 
just about perfect and I was pretty happy.  Now today on the way home from 
the office it was running normally and then after sitting at a light for a 
min or two I went to accelerate away and the stumble was back in a big way.  
After sitting in traffic for a couple of mins the car would not take throttle 
at all and at one point I thought the car was going to leave me stranded for 
the first time in the 2 1/2 years of ownership :-(.  there is a long downhill 
stretch where I turned the car off, the traffic was moveing from 0-5MPH, I 
coasted down the hill and at the bottem I fired her back up again and it ran 
a bit better then it just was but by no means was she running well.  Any 
ideas guys?  I just checked with my parts guy and they do have a filter in 
stock which I would like to try replacing this evening.  I took a quick look 
under the hood when I got home and I did not see the filter in the "normal" 
Audi location.  I do not have a manual for this car so any help here would be 
great.  Any of you have any ideas?  


Jim Hahn

P.S.  I will get back to those people who are interested in parts from the 
'87 5Kq parts car.