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Type 44: Noisy Hyd pump (not leaking fluid)/ Dash brake light.

Hi Folks--

The PO had a new hyd pump installed about 25k miles ago (at a reasonable sum
of about $2800 when you add in the new rack, bomb and dealer labor!). Lately
it's been squeaking like crazy.  It's not leaking any liquid gold, the belt
is good (about 10kmiles on the belt) and belt tension is good. If I squirt a
bit of silicone or wd-40 in the vicinity of the pulley shaft, it shuts up
for about five minutes. Do the bearings on these things go bad? I've heard
all the rebuild scoop, but I don't remember anyone mentioning replacing the

Second issue involves the dash brake warning light. It doesn't go on when I
turn the key. I'm pretty sure know the bomb is good and the fluid level is
fine. I frankly can't remember if it ever worked (I think I was too busy
making sure the light _didn't_ go on) Do these bulbs burn out? (would make
sense, all the others seem to be going.) Or, is there a sensor or something
obvious to check?

BTW, thanks for all the tips on the broken wiring loom fix (drivers door).
It was a hellish, but mindless job. Only took four hours. Am I getting
speedy or what? At first I tried to just work around the rubber gasket/seal.
Then I realized you could push it all the way into the door and out of the
way. Gave me lots more working room.  The price we pay for working windows.

Thanks much

Tim King
Seattle Wa
89 200tqw