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Subject: 20V (RR, 3B) inlet manifold removal

Phil Payne asks:
<<The book shows VAG 1669, which looks just like a standard Allen driver.
<<What size, and how long does the shank have to be?

A 6mm allen fits fine on my 3B; you'll need one with over 6 inches length to 
use the handly access holes in the intake; you can make the short end of a 
standard wrench fit from above along the fuel rail, but the long allen would 
be easier.

(I've been told that the intake manifold off a 6-series WMB lines up quite 
Let us know how much buildup you find in there; seems rather easy to remove 
(except for cleaning off the old gasket material).  Has anyone tried a heat 
shield along the intake manifold to keep the hot air from the radiator 
hth, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com