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RE: gas prices

If I would fill up my quattro it would cost $60 in Hungary. And yes, they
are going to raise the prices next week again. 
Just another number: about $200 is the avarage salary here, just to compare
your prices for your salary...

So is gas expensive in Canada or in the USA? :-)

DM (a Hungarian who never filled up his quattro yet)
83 4kq (with no rear brakes and with no reply form the list about this)

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Subject: gas prices

filled up my quattro yesterday....$40.00. a few weeks ago the same fill
would have cost ~$35.00. tomorrow the prices are going up again at all of
the gas stations so the next fillup will cost $45.00.
        i know i know...how dare i complain when others pay much more etc.
etc. thats not the point here. we are being told that the prices have gone
up due to the huge increase in the cost of crude....if this is the case then
all of the listers in other countries should have seen a recent jump in
their prices lately too...is this the case? have all countries seen their
prices jump in the last month?   the opinion here is that the summer price
increases are just a ploy to get more cashola from the travelling tourists
and cottage travellers.
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