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Re: typ44TQ brake question

Feeling the pump for vibration isn't allways a certain sign that the pump is
running. Some of the pumps have a magnetically driven impeller. This means
that the commutator will spin (causing the pump to vibrate) however the
impeller shaft could be siezed (this occured on a pump I got a a local yard,
though it was good b/c if vibrated, but no impeller turning.

Don't know if this is the "new" replacement style or not though, since my
orginal '87 5ktq pump was a solid impeller/comm.

Guess the only way to tell is to dunk the thing in water and give it some

If all else fails and your strapped for cash (b/c of the new 225 rubber on
its way :-) you should at least pop the hood up a little ways when you get
home to let the heat dissapate much quicker. This is what I am doing at


'87 5kcstq

> Colin -
> > When the fan is running after you shut the car off,  just touch the
electric pump
> > ( watch the fan blade ) to feel for vibration.  They are not audible
above the
> > noise of the fan. . . .
> I couldn't tell for sure by vibration, in spite of the vibration mounts
> for the motor. The radiator fan just makes it hard to tell. The easy and
> certain way is to yank the 1st stage radiator fan relay while testing the
> after-run system by shorting the two wires to the thermoswitch.
> - Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 155k