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Re: Advice on ebrake cable for '91 200TQW?

Hi Jim;

    If your cables are OK, there are two problems which could cause this.

    1. The caliper guide pins are sticking. These pins should be cleaned and
lubed regularly to keep the rear calipers working properly. I do mine every
year. Water gets under the rubber boots and corrodes the pins in the
housing. Audi sells a kit with new boots, new bolts, and a tube of lube. The
Bentley recommends always fitting new bolts. Some listers reuse the old
bolts with loctite.

    2. The e-brake actuator arm is sticking in the caliper. These can be
freed by removing the cable and the hairpin return spring and popping the
arm up with a large screwdriver. It will come out about 1/2", allowing you
to clean up the shaft and lube it. This arm should return to the stop
without the return spring installed if it is working correctly.

    You may also have a corroded piston/cylinder, but I have never seen this
on an Audi which has had the recommended brake fluid flushes (you do flush
your brake fluid, don't you?)


Fred Munro
'91 200q  277k km

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Subject: Advice on ebrake cable for '91 200TQW?

> I discovered yesterday that the left rear caliper doesn't release when I
> release the parking brake.  THe right rear is fine.  When I tap the back
> the caliper with a small hammer or something similar, the brake releases.
> When I depress the pedal without the ebrake engaged, it doesn't hang up.
> replaced the rear pads and rotors last October, and the pistons turned in
> nicely, with no difficulty whatsoever.  So I'm assuming it's either the
> cable inside the sheathing, or perhaps the lever outside the caliper
> sticking.
> I checked Scott Mockrey's website and some other places for advice on
> And I realize this has been covered here before, but I can't find the
> reference.  So, how much of a PITA is it to change out the ebrake
> Are cables avaiblable aftermarket, or are they dealer only?  Does one
> replace only the cable, or the sheathing around the cable as well?  I'm a
> pretty good wrench, but haven't even thought about this before.  Could it
> done in an hour or so?
> THanks again, everybody.
> - Jim