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[Fwd: Monterey Caravan!]

Hopefully someone will find this of use.

Audi Quattro Club USA - http://www.quattroclubusa.org

"MH99 or Bust" … The QCUSA "cross-country run/caravan"…. 

ATTENTION…all QCUSA members east of Monterey, California….especially those
in Colorado and further east. 

YES…There is still time to get yourself and your "beautiful mint
condition" Audi Quattro to Monterey Historics for the 100th anniversary of
Auto Union!  Be there in the QCUSA Corral and maybe even the Laguna Sega
Parade Lap! Enjoy the roads and sights from the east to the west along
with other Quattro drivers and enthusiasts! 

HOW?   Join the "MH99 or Bust cross-country run/caravan" of Audi Quattros
and QCUSA members…it is not the fastest way west…but it promises to be the
most fun per mile…  

This "run/caravan" is OPEN to any QCUSA member who comes to the first or
subsequent rendezvous locations ready to head west to Monterey.  Everyone
makes their own motel, hotel or camping arrangements in or near the
overnight locations listed below.  Then each following morning…we point
our Quattros to the west…and it is "MH99 or Bust".

Here is the "Official and Final" Trip Itinerary for "cross-country
run/caravan" to MH99:

Day 1, Friday, August 20 - Rendezvous in Columbia, MO at Hampton Inn at
I70, exit 128A for 8:00 PM Driver's Meeting.  This is a change in
rendezvous location from the earlier "tentative" itinerary…because it gets
our jumping off point  closer to the Quattro roads through the Colorado

Day 2, Saturday, August 21 - Enroute direction Denver via I70…enjoy the
sunset in Burlington, Colorado.  Rendezvous location is Comfort Inn near
I70, exit 437.  Est'd miles traveled = 580.

Day 3,  Sunday, August 22 - West on I70 to Limon, CO and then US24 to
Colorado Springs.  Continue on US24 into the mountains, over Wilkerson
Pass, through Buena Vista to Twin Lakes, on CO 82 to Aspen (for a look
around), then on to Glenwood Springs.   This day we will enjoy some
Quattro roads through Colorado, mountain scenery, maybe some local wine
and eats…and overnight in Glenwood Springs. Rendezvous location is
Colonial Inn near I70, exit 114.  Est'd miles traveled = 360.

Day 4, Monday, August 23 - More mountain driving…(late apex all
corners!)…and great mountain scenery on CO82, then CO133 and CO 92 to
Delta to join up with US50 to Grand Junction to rejoin I70.  I70 to
Salina, Utah where we overnight under starry skies. Rendezvous location is
Best Western near I70, exit 54.  Est'd miles traveled = 360.

Day 5, Tuesday, August 24 - Across the Utah and Nevada to Virginia City on
US50 enjoying the wide up spaces and high desert vistas.  Of course, we
will go "slow"  to avoid Nevada's "Loneliest Highway" speed traps.
Overnight in Virginia City, home of QCUSA's famous hillclimb. Rendezvous
location is Gold Hill Hotel for Cowboy "Poetry Night". 
Est'd miles traveled = 550.

Day 6, Wednesday, August 25 - Back on US50 around Lake Tahoe, through the
Sierras, past the "49ers" gold fields to Sacramento…then on I5, I205 and
I680 to CA17…and then finally…on CA1 to Monterey.  Est'd miles traveled =

Day 7, Thursday, August 26 -- A day to relax…wash and polish your
Quattro…and enjoy some of the sights in the area before the MH99
activities begin on Friday, August 27.


Yes…I know this is not the fastest you can drive to MH99 from the east,
southeast or midwest…but think of the special experiences coming from
being part of the first QCUSA "MH99 or Bust cross-country run/caravan"…a
caravan of Audi Quattros and their drivers and co-drivers winding their
way across the middle of America toward the sunset…albeit "close to" the
posted speed limits. 

Interested?  Want to join the "run/caravan"?  Contact:  
Kim McCracken via phone at: (513) 791-3696 …or via email at:
kvmac@email.msn.com …or via snail mail at: 9850 Forestglen Drive,
Cincinnati, OH 45242-5922.  

See you in Columbia,  MO … or the other overnight rendezvous locations
further west! 

"MH99 or Bust"…

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