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RE: Alignment - 200TQ - front end is off a tad.

In message <000a01bed2f6$06492fc0$5e4f7018@wlfdle1.on.wave.home.com> peterb@mysysltd.com writes:

> Has anyone tried using a bicycle inner tube and a couple of nylon cable
> straps to cover the adjusters on the tie-rods?

> It seems like an obvious thing I'm wondering if there is a "Don't do it
> because..." lurking out there.  I'm going to fix mine this weekend and I
> thought that, after cleaning them thoroughly, I would just oil and grease
> the adjusters and seal them with a piece of inner tubing.  I'll probably
> just slide the inner tube on and leave it sitting on the tie rod until I've
> had the camber and toe set.  Then lube-it, pull the inner tube sleeve over
> it and tie the ends. Should work yes?

BTDT.  Seems to work.  I waited until the alignment was done, then
heat-gunned the tie rod, smeared it, and slid the inner tubes into

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