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88 90Q

I'm new to the list and sort of new to Audis (I did have an Audi Fox many
years ago though).

I'm looking at buying a second hand 1988 90Q but it needs work.  Can someone
give me a ROUGH idea of what the following repairs will cost and how
difficult they are to do:

one rear diff mount looks broken resulting in a very significant clunk when
car is accelerated/decelerated

driver's heated seat doesn't work at all

locking diff switch is not operative (no light, no nothing)

the stick shift is able to be lifted about 2" from its normal plane of

Thanks in advance for your help.

Peter Kirby
'86 GTI (rally car)
'85 GTI (parts car)
'91 Legacy (general all-around utility vehicle)
and  possibly
'88 90Q