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FS: S4, CQ, and 4kq parts (long)

Hi All,

I seem to have way too many Audi projects right now (up to 4 now), and have
all kinds of parts that I need to get rid of, and many more that will be
available over the next several months.  So here's the list, starting with
what I have available immediately:

- '90 CQ B3 hood - Pearl While in excellent condition - $35 + shipping
- '90 CQ B3 upper sheet metal bracing with hood latches, etc. - $10 +
- '90 CQ complete sunroof assembly (metal) - Pearl White panel - $200 +
- '90 CQ hubs -set of 4 anodized - 4x108 - $100
- '90 CQ ABS computer and misc. ABS sensors
- '90 CQ Hitachi ECU (March '89 build date)
- '90 CQ ECU plug (includes only the half dozen wires or so connected to the
- '90 CQ Heater core
- '90 CQ 01A trans - 90K miles in EXCELLENT condition.  I had removed the
tailcone to look at the internals, so it
needs a set of new seals.  Syncros, gear sets, and the R&P look great! -
make offer

I have decided to keep my '94 S4 (pics at
http://pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net/audipics/pics ), since I love driving the
car, and basically my CQ is getting pretty tired after the thousands of
miles commuting between Reno and the bay area (Donner summit takes its
toll).  The tranny is getting rather sloppy (I think the linkage is going
bad) and the engine is getting a little tired but still runs fine (sounds
kinda cool with the hole in the exhaust ;-).  Basically, I am going to be
doing some bolt-on mods to the S4 such as a 3 BAR Lehmann ECU, RS2 turbo,
EM, RS2 injectors, new exhaust, etc., so I'll have some engine parts up for
sale.  I'll also be doing a big red upgrade in the front and possibly down
the road some 850CSi 4-pot calipers in the rear (have a mechanical e-brake).
The following parts will be up for sale over the coming months, but NOT NOW.
There may be a few additional items added later, but this should give a good

S4 Exhaust Manifold
K24 Turbo - excellent condition 89K miles
Complete S4 exhaust system
'94 S4 springs (note that '94 and '93 S4 springs are not as stiff as the
I may part with the OE DOT lights in favor of Euros, but probably not any
time soon

I don't have the heart to part with my CQ (geez, I'm sick!! ;-), so I'm
gonna build a big motor and make a rocket out of it.  I was/am looking at
putting in a biturbo 500 - 600 BHP V6 in it w/6-speed or 5-speed dog box,
but it looks like I might be buying a complete S4 engine and drivetrain to
put in it, to alleviate my power cravings.  This conversion is going to be a
slow process, as I have the time and $$$, but here's the preliminary list of
parts that I will be selling.  Parts will start becoming available around
September/October, when I begin tearing into it.  There may be more items
that are added to this list, but this should give a general idea of what
will be available:

-CQ complete front bumper cover - Pearl White in very good condition (NOTE:
there are NO fog lights!) - $250 + shipping
-CQ B3 hood Pearl White - $35 + shipping
-CQ B3 grill
-CQ upper sheet metal - $10 + shipping
-CQ DOT headlights (some pitting) - $150/pair + shipping
-'90 CQ 20V intake manifold
-'90 CQ 20V header
-'90 CQ Hitachi ECU
- 90 CQ ECU plug (includes only the half dozen wires connected to the plug)
-'90 CQ exhaust (hole in tube going over RR axle)
-CQ hubs
-Late '90/'91 CQ steering wheel (w/airbag)
-'90 CQ 01A trans - could stand to be freshened with new bearings and
syncros, which I can arrange
-Girling rear calipers
I have two sets of Speedlines and a set of 16" Borbet Type T's that I *may*
sell, but it's dependent on if I buy the OE S2 hubs and what I decide on
brakes.  If I do the S2 hubs, I obviously can't use the 4x108 rims, so I'd
probably put them on the market.

There will also be these S4 engine parts for sale if I get the motor:
- S4 Intake Manifold (will trade for a 3B intake)
- S4 Exhaust Manifold
- K24 turbo
- ?? - possible engine internals

I'm also going to be tackling the 10v turbo conversion on my 4kq after the
rally car is finished in a couple of weeks.  The 4kq will then be going up
for sale after the conversion is finished (pics of the car are sitting at
http://pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net/audipics/pics ).  After I finish the
conversion, the following parts will be for sale:

'85 4kq front calipers - $50
'85 4kq NA 10v engine complete with ECU, wiring harness, etc...runs great
~110K miles - $500

That's pretty much all I can think of for now.  Email me for details or
pricing.  If you have interest in any of these parts, the sooner you email
me, the better, as I can prioritize my projects based on parts demand.  All
proceeds to support my rally addiction ;-).

-Mark Nelson

'90 S2
'94 S4
'90 CQ
'85 4ktq