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RE: Audi 100 Gives up the Ghost for Owner

I've seen trees slice cars in half.  Little trees, 10"/1!" in diameter, that
look like they should have been knocked over by the boats that hit them.
Afterwards the tree has healed and grown stronger. The car... uh uh.

I wonder if any of those drivers Ed instructors ever saw what little trees
will do to cars (never mind the people inside)

Given the choice I'd try harder to avoid a tree than the car.  At least the
cars can crumple, twist, deflect, bounce, rotate, and otherwise keep moving
and dissipating energy. Trees seem to rebound any energy that's thrown at
them.  Saw the aftermath of a jeep Cherokee run off the highway and crash
into a solid granite rock face.. instant stop.  The occupants survived with
serious injuries.  Had they hit a tree, it would have focused the energy
into a smaller impact area and cut the car in two.  Dead occupants for sure.

Therefore my theory, that theory which is mine, unproven by any scientific
study, maintains that given the choice, run into a granite wall to avoid
hitting another car head on.  If it's a tree or a car, take on the car.



Don't be starting any tree hugging threads either - I love to prune 'em and
I'm very handy with a chain saw!  :-)

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>    Also be aware that car vs. car is obviously bad, but car vs. tree is
>really bad. Trees just don't have much of a crush zone.

I wonder whether this is true.  I was always told.... In driver's ed
anyways....that if a car swerved into my lane and if it was between the car
or the tree, take the tree every time.  True, the tree won't really "give"
like the car, but the car has velocity going in the opposite direction and
it will be like getting in a wreck at your speed + most of the speed of the
oncoming car!!!!  Really bad!

Now, hitting a stationary car or the side of anyother car would be
better...true, but how often is this the case.  Plus, do we really want to
kill someone else?


>> I like to see the damage difference between 2 cars.  Compare a american
>> which 'supposely' is safer and stronger than any Japanese car and some
>> cars.