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Sv: oil & oilfilters

Thanks for all responds.
I am also not shure about the vacuum theori as the 3B should
adjust itselves for most problems.
But what I have done:
Check'd the oil cap and dip stick - and filled up the tank.
(It was not that emty but took as usual 60 l out of 80 l)

Next day it was running OK at warm!

I have looked at Mobil 1 and their own recommandations, as Kenn Thyrsted
adwised me to do.
The 0-30 is for cold climate. 15-50 is especially for high-performance and
hot running cars. 5 & 10 -30 for passenger cars.

Red Oil have in some way the same story about their W's

I have asked my mecanics for 15W-50 and will save the 0-40 for winter use.
And use an other filter than Fram. I got the advise of using a filter from
a Passat Diesel. I will look at that too.

Now when I am in the middle of it - I will take some performance
to look for differences between 15W-50 and 0W-40.
Just to look for my "bleeding" lifter theory in an old car.

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Emne: Re: oil & oilfilters

> >Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 17:26:59 -0400
> >From: "mstocker" <mstocker@neo.rr.com>
> >Subject: Re: oil & oilfilters
> >
> >I agree that it is probably a vacuum leak.
> >
> >Check oil filler cap to bake sure that it is seated
> >properly and that the seal is not dirty.
> May indeed be a vacuum leak _somewhere_, but the 20V200 (3B) engine runs
> with oil-filler cap and/or dipstick removed.
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