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S4 Trip computer - reading inst mpg not bar

Hi all,

I'm having a tough time finding anyone familiar with the trip computer in a
'92 S4. I'm having a strange problem....

Trip computer works properly, and the upper left markings say "bar" which
should have that section reading boost pressure. However, the actual numbers
correspond to "instantaneous MPG" which is what that portion of the gauge
would read in a normally aspirated car.

I have checked the Bentley diagnostic and the test shows it is set for the 5
cylinder turbo... how can I get this to read bar, like it should?

BTW, I took it to the dealer and they said it was reading in pounds, not
bar... ummmmm, no..... the numbers go down when I step on it and frequently
go above 40 when coasting...

Thanks for any help,

'92 S4
'92 Miata FM2